Friday, March 16, 2018

A night at The Tech

We recently did an event for a large tech company here in the Silicon Valley, and what better place to host it, but our very own Tech Museum in San Jose.

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a family-friendly interactive science and technology center located in the heart of downtown San Jose. It has become a landmark for visitors seeking a glimpse of the most inventive place on Earth — Silicon Valley.

Not only are we so lucky to have such an amazing resource in our area, but the fact that we can use it as a venue is AMAZING! Check out some of our highlights of the event.

The Tech’s large floor plan is adaptable, providing space for everything from an intimate seated dinner to a large corporate reception. They have interactive exhibits providing an exciting, unique backdrop and built-in entertainment that will make your event an affair to remember. Bonus: The Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater is also available as a one-of-a-kind addition. Give Handheld Catering a call and experience our full service catering services for your next corporate event.

The Tech’s exhibits are never the same twice! So why not make it an annual event. Too far to drive? The Tech is within walking distance of The Fairmont, Hyatt Place, Marriott and Hilton hotels.

For our last event, we started off the night on the upper level where the guests enjoyed 3 signature cocktails for the night.

MCCing Double Aged Bourbon, Lemonade and Iced Tea

Markowitz Mule: Moscow Mules in Classic Copper Cups

RWBees Knees: Non Alcoholic Pear Sparkler with Pear and Lemon Juice, Honey,

Sugar, Club Soda, Dash of Nutmeg, Rosemary Branch Stir Stick

To go along with the drinks, our chefs served 4 different appetizers cooked fresh from our pop up kitchen downstairs. The appetizers were out of this world!

Polenta Tonnato: Fried Polenta Cakes, Tuna, Scallions, Capers, Lemon Aioli,

Parsley, Shredded Egg

Petite Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Spicy Mae Ploy Sauce

Butternut Squash Risotto Cakes with Sage and Lemon Aioli

Mini Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Skewers with Pineapple

The dinner reception was then moved to the lower floor where the guest enjoyed multiple station buffet.

The stations consisted of 5 full stations with 3 to 4 options per table.

A fresh station where the Chinese chicken salad was the star.

The Mexican Station that had the best street tacos you can ask for.

The Indian Station with the Chicken Tikka Masala and fresh Naan blew people away.

The Classics was by far a crowd pleaser,  we could not pick between the Seared Filet of Salmon with a Soft Miso Glaze on a bed of Seaweed or the New York Steak that was carved right in front of you.

And to finish with a bang, the Sweet Bite Station that had the creamiest Panna Cotta!

Our team know how to make a menu and our chefs know how to execute it to the max.

After the meal, the guest dance for the remainder of the night.

Let Handheld Catering handle your next event. Our event planners will handle all the details from booking your venue, creating a menu and all your rental needs. Contact us today. 

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Calling All Crab Lovers

We are in the middle of crab season which only means one thing. The Bay Area’s event
calendar is full of all-you- can-eat, crab-feed fundraisers! Now that is a mouthful. These
annual events are getting hotter and hotter. Traditionally, they start up in January, but
now, they are running through March. This is good news for us seafood lovers! You
have many to choose from, so you can make your choice by
either what organization you would like to support, or by the type of entertainment you

Are you in the mood for some seafood now? Wish you can have it delivered to your
work? Seafood is meant to be served fresh, and we have the freshest catch in town. If
you want to incorporate the best seafood recipes at your corporate event, then check
out some of our crowd pleasers.
Sesame Seed Crusted Ahi tuna with a Wasabi Buerre Blanc

Local Rockfish

(dusted in flour and pan seared and finished with a white wine butter sauce)

Wild Salmon with a Provencal White Wine Sauce

Grilled Salmon with a Meyer Lemon Gremolata

Local or Alaskan Halibut with a Spring Herb Nage

Chipotle, Honey and Lime Glazed Grilled Prawns

Oysters on the ½ Shell and served with a Saffron Mignonette


(classic SF favorite, tomatoes, seafood, shellfish, white wine, grilled peasant bread)

Check out our full mouthwatering menu!

For those of you who still have not gone to any of the crab feed events, do not worry,
we have you covered. Here are some events that are still coming up.  Go to the one
closest to you or make a night of it with the entertainment of your choice.

36th Annual Crab Feed: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

Sequoia H.S. Booster Club Crab Feed Dinner & Auction

So what are you supposed to do in-between eating all that delicious crab? Auction!
Auction! Auction!. You never know what kind of treasures you can find at these events.
Don’t forget to keep an eye out for your bids because crab eaters are sneaky, and you
can easily be outbid. The best part is, it is all for charity!

Milpitas Chamber 25th Annual Auction & Crab Feed


FFA Booster 11th Annual Crab Feed & Silent Auction

These events can get a little long, but with the right entertainment, time will fly! Check
out the Lip- Sync Battle or Casino Night in San Mateo. If you want to hit the dance floor,
then make the drive to half moon bay, the view will be killer!

SAMCAR Foundation Crab Feed & Lip-Sync Battle

Police Officers 9th Annual Crab Feed & Casino Night  

Lobster Feed & Dance 2018

Cioppino is in! Why wouldn’t it be? These groups are elevating the crab eating
experience. San Jose CHP got pretty clever with the CHP’pino name. You can’t go
wrong with any of these events.

Rotary Club 40th Annual Cioppino Feed & Entertainment

8th Annual CHP’pino Feed – CHP 11-99 Foundation


Have you decided which one you are going to? Better yet, go to as many as you can!
We hope to bump into you at one of these feeds.
Happy Eating!



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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bacon & Beer Taking Over The Bay

BACON BACON BACON!!!! We can already smell the Bacon sizzling for this weekend’s event at Levi Stadium. The Beer & Bacon Classic has been a hit for the last 2 years and this year, it looks like they are not going to disappoint. What is the Beer and Bacon Classic? You have 100+ beers from regional breweries, 30+ bacon-infused dishes from local chefs, a blind beer taste test, the Hormel® bacon eating contest, lawn games, music, and more. All here in the heart of the Bay Area, Santa Clara.

This year, there will be big names like Psycho Doughnuts participating but what makes the Beer & Bacon Classic so amazing is that they use local spots that have killer menus. Places like this make the Bay Area a must-go-to destination for great eats!

We are excited to try places like:

 Cross Hatch Eatery

A modern take on various comfort foods from all over the world. Influenced by various countries from Asia and many cultures found along the Mediterranean Sea.

Blazin by the bay

A competition BBQ team bringing you the best BBQ in the Bay Area! They bring their custom smoker to smoke the competition.

But Bacon is not the only thing on the menu. Of course, there is all you can drink beer too. They always have our favorites like Goose Island Beer Company and Lagunitas Brewing Co. but this year local breweries are stepping in.

We are excited to try:

Faultline Brewing 

Faultline Brewing Company in Sunnyvale is where you need to be! Eat..Drink..& join their family! Simply put…it’s BeerBrewedRight!

Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company

Certified Sustainable Craft Brewery in the Heart of the SF Bay Area Peninsula. Family owned and operated for 15 years!

-What do you do at the Beer & Bacon Classic-

EAT: Indulge in unlimited bacon dishes from the best local chefs.

DRINK: Sip on endless craft beer and ciders from regional breweries

EXPLORE: The Levi Stadium

-What’s Included-

B&B Cup: Sip out of your very own ceramic souvenir cup and fill up as many times as you want.

PARTY: Play giant Jenga, comets in the Hormel bacon eating contest, blind taste test beers and more!

GIVE BACK: Feel good knowing we partner with local food recovery organizations and national charities

Bacon fest isn’t the only time to enjoy yourself at a memorable event. Let Handheld Catering take care of your next special private or business event where you can relax knowing everything is going to be perfect and people will be talking about the food you offered for a long time.





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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

These Dishes Will Make You Fall In Love With Vegetables Again

Vegetable dishes aren’t very exciting, especially when it comes to kids. Adults—we’re all guilty of pushing away our veggies or “forgetting” to make them with dinner, so start putting them in the dinner instead. These recipes will knock your socks off as they incorporate vegetables into some of the most delicious dishes you’ve ever had.

  1. Swiss Vegetable Medley

This dish is a little more straightforward and right to the point: vegetables can be amazingly delicious, so they should be the star of the dish. Apart from making veggies the star attraction here, this dish is inexpensive and rather quick to make. If you’re trying to make dinners healthy, but you’re also strapped for time (aren’t we all?) giving this a shot will be a surefire way to please the table, and feel good about what you’re serving up.

  1. Spinach Mashed Potatoes

When it’s done right, spinach can be one of the most delicious vegetables to include in any dish. If you’re looking to sneak in a healthy bit here and a touch of deliciousness there, super-packed and ultra good-for-you spinach is certainly the way to go. You can barely taste the greens through the onions and creamy mashed potato flavor, making this a table staple from this moment onward (we bet).

  1. Green Bean Casserole

This is a dish that’s become quite popular in recent years, and for good reason—it’s got crunch, it’s got munch, and it’s certainly filling without over spilling your budget. One pro tip to get the most out of this dish is to only use fresh green beans—nothing canned or frozen. Not only do fresh green beans keep more of their nutrients when they cook, but it keeps a great texture to the dish that’s sure to have your children asking for it again in the near future.

  1. Broccoli and Cheese Soup

When it’s homemade, this dish can be extremely healthy. Getting the consistency down pat can take a few passes at this recipe; it’s rare to see a child who doesn’t want this for dinner again. Pair it with some homemade multigrain croutons for added texture, and you’ve got a dish you can feel good about serving (and eating, too).

Better Health, Better You

We should all try to incorporate more veggies into our dishes when we can. The key is to make the vegetables the star, while including enough other ingredients that your kids (and your spouse) won’t think twice about digging in.


And this applies to our catering offerings also. We only use the freshest vegetables in our soups, salads, and sides and we make them look amazing. Check out our soup and salad catering menu.


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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Three Events That Require Top-Notch Catering

If you’re not utilizing proper event planning and catering, you’re not fulfilling the potential of your event. There’s a lot to be said after the balloons come down, and the VIP list gets forgotten—people remember how an event  goes. You can’t spare any details, no matter how small they may seem. These are the three types of events that you might not be catering, but you definitely should be.

  1. Corporate Parties

The common mistake that people make here is getting “catering trays” from your local supermarket. It just doesn’t have the same effect. Those who will be paying close attention to how the event is going will be certain to comment on the lack of a proper catering presence, because it’s not just about the food—it’s about the people, the atmosphere, and the service. An exceptional spread is only half the battle.

  1. High School/College Graduation

This is a pretty big deal for the graduate(s) in question. They’ve entering the adult world, one way or another, and it’s a rite of passage to have a graduation party. The most common type of party is thrown in a hall where buffets are laid out, and the bar is serving up wine, beer, and not much of anything else. Newsflash: nobody is impressed with a buffet style spread when there’s nobody maintaining the area or bringing out food. Even if you’re going for a buffet style lineup, you’ll be paying out of the nose for large portions of food from local restaurants. It’s the same food they’re serving up in brown paper bags; only a true catering company knows what excites, and what makes your event unique.

  1. Retirement Parties

It’s sort of like a graduation—you’ve now left the working world and you’re heading into retirement. It’s a blessing in and of itself, and it should be celebrated justly. Common mistakes people make is “ordering out” and putting up a BYOB mass email the day before. You may not be networking at this event, you may have made all the connections you needed, but it’s still leaving an impression on your guest list. (Besides, you’re retiring—you should get to enjoy fantastic food.)

Your Bay Area Catering Needs

Hosting one of these event types in the Bay Area? Allow top-notch Bay Area caterer Handheld Catering to take care of your event planning and catering; we’re inline with top planning companies in the area, bringing you a full experience with minimal effort on your end. Take a seat and lean back—we’ve got this.


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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Frigid Fun Winter Recipes to Enjoy In the Cold

There’s nothing better than cooking with your family; it builds bonding, it’s loads of fun, and allows you to foster creativity. However, having an awesome and tasty end product doesn’t hurt either—try these winter recipes for a fresh spin on chilled desserts.

  1. Coffee and Doughnuts Ice Cream

There’s never a bad time for coffee and doughnuts. This recipe is like converging the two reasons you visit a coffee shop—coffee for mom and dad, doughnuts for the kids, and the whole family is happy. This is the perfect treat to scoop over a hot brownie or chocolate chip cookie. Curl up on the couch and watch your family holiday classics after a nice dinner, and spend some quality time bonding over this frozen delicacy.

  1. Double Chocolate Frozen Fudge Pops

When is chocolate not a good thing? These are one of our favorites for more than one reason: they’re easy to make, fun to put together, and you get a crowd pleaser that just about everyone can agree on. Children and adults alike will be able to sink their teeth into these pops.

  1. Butter Brickle Frozen Delight

It’s a mouthful to say, and a mouthful that you won’t be able to resist. If you’re a fan of buttery, rich desserts, you’ll be able to sink your taste buds into one of the most decadent treats we’ve come across in a long time. Cream cheese, caramel sauce, whipped cream—it’s a sugar rush just thinking about it, and the flavors don’t disappoint. This is one of the best things to serve just after dinner.

  1. Frozen Margarita Pie

If you’re looking for a lighter, more palate cleansing type of dessert, you’ve just found it. With light layers of lime, buttery richness, and some crushed pretzels for amazing texture and flavor, you’ll have a dessert that your guests and family surely haven’t had before. Leave them wanting more, and reserve it for the holidays to build up anticipation for next winter.

Making up some sweet winter recipes are the best way to bond with family around the holiday season. Take some time to craft up some fun treats to share with the dinner table, or just for a night of relaxing around loved ones. Whichever way you slice it, food brings us together!

And if you need special event catering, Handheld Catering is who you want for pulling off a perfect event.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Make the Corporate Christmas Party Stress-free This Year

Winter comes on quickly, but Christmas comes on like a bullet train. There never appears to be enough time—you have a business to run, decisions to make on behalf of your company, and it’s exhausting to plan a brilliant Christmas party in the meantime. Well, you don’t have to go it alone. Christmas catering can be the least stressful part of the holidays, especially when it’s done right.

You Don’t Need to Make Fifty Phone Calls

Handheld Catering is inline with a bunch of top party planning providers in the Bay Area. We’ve befriended the best in the business to help make your time less stressful. If you need to rent chairs and tables for the party, get decorations taken care of, or anything in between, there’s a good chance we have the exact solution to contour to your expectations. All you have to do is let us know.

Stress Ruins the Party

If you’re buzzing with stress, guests will feel constricted and won’t relax enough. That is, until the wine starts to flow. You should be able to sit back and enjoy the Christmas party as well. You paid for catering, for decorations, and you’ve got your own at-home Christmas agenda to worry about on top of all this mess—you don’t need to put yourself into a panic attack over getting the event going; you can just leave it to us.

Show Your Employees You Care

How many times in your life did you go to an obligatory Christmas party? A lot, we’d be willing to bet. Even if your employees come into the party expecting it to be a drag, you can still show them a good time by having everything taken care of and showcasing your dedication to your crew, all with some top-notch Christmas catering and a well put-together event. You want to ensure that next year, they look forward to another fantastic Christmas party, hosted by you, catered by Handheld Catering. Christmas is a tradition; awesome parties should be too.

Your Bay Area Christmas Catering Company

If you’re trying to squeeze in a last-minute Christmas party for the crew, have no fear. Give us a buzz and let us take care of the guesswork for you, and, of course, the excellent spread of fantastic food that’s certain to make it a memorable night. You don’t need to stress and worry about the party—it’s a party, after all, and you should be enjoying yourself right alongside your crew.


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